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Its not the stick, its the pocket..stupid!
While there are subtle differences in the designs of the heads of lacrosse sticks which may or may not offer some slight advantages from one player to another, the thing that can make a real difference is how the pocket is strung and what type of pocket is used.The best example on the girl's side is when Brine introduced the replacement Amonte for the Warrior model. Although the two heads are 99% the same, with the same feel and release points, the pockets originally strung in the Brine models were not anything close to being adequite. The head instantely got a bad reputation for not handling well. Factory strung pockets are very inconsistent and most of the time (99%) need to be restrung. That's why we custom string all Women's lacrosse sticks with a variety of pockets.  We offer each player the chance to have the pocket that suites her playing style and level and also her personal style by letting her pick all her colors.We have over 14 different colored center pieces, black, white, red, purple, pink and carolina blue leathers and over 20 colors of cross string. Giving you thousands of possible color combinations.
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